Food & Beverage

Do you allow Pets?

No, we love dogs and other animals too…but, we ask that you leave them at home.

Is cake service mandatory at your facility?

No, we will gladly set up a cake table for you, and you may provide all paper goods and utensils to serve your own cake.

Can we bring in our own cake or candy stations?

Yes, we allow you to bring in your own cake or dessert.

Can we swag the ceiling?

Yes, however the highest point of our ceiling is about 25 feet.

What size is your dance floor?


Can we bring in our own food or liquor?

No, we are a full service facility.

How many guests can you facilitate?

We can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Golf & Facilities

Why are the fairways brown in the Winter?

Warm season turf types go dormant after the first frost to conserve carbohydrates for the Spring and Summer months when the turf is actively growing. Cool season grasses on the other hand perform better during cooler temperatures and remain green throughout the year. The greens are a mixture of cool season varieties, creeping bent grass and Poa annua.

Do the rakes go inside the trap or outside of the trap?

We prefer the rakes to be placed inside of the trap, with the handle facing the tee and the head facing the green. This protects the rake from getting damaged by mowers and golf carts.

Should I replace my divot in the fairways?

It depends. If the divot holds together by all means retrieve it and replace it. It is recommended to sand the replaced divot. This helps hold it in place and retains moisture needed for a quick recovery.

What is your water source?

BGC irrigates the golf course with ground water. We have two wells that fill the irrigation lake on #17 & #18.

What is the proper technique for repairing ball marks?

Start at the outside edge of the depression and mend the turf into the center. A common mistake is to lift the depression. This causes the ball mark to dry out and turn brown.

How often do you mow greens?

We mow greens daily.

What is leaching?

Leaching is the use of heavy irrigation to flush salts from the soil. Leaching firms the greens and creates a healthy environment for the roots to thrive.

How many times a year does Bonita Golf Course aerate greens?

BGC core aerates greens 2 times a year. Once in early Spring and once in early Fall. We vent greens by opening them up using solid tines as needed throughout the Summer to keep air and water moving through the profile.

Do you have Senior Rates?

No, we don’t discriminate people for being younger!

Is there a dress code?

All we ask is that all players wear a shirt, pants/shorts shoes of some sort (no metal spikes, heels, or cowboy/logger boots). Please, also nothing that would be deemed offensive to our other guests.

What is the average pace of play?

A typical round at Bonita GC will take 4 1/2 hours or less.